restructuring is a boring, corporate-sounding word, but here we are.

hi, i’m sarah. welcome to the LRBlog.

(in typical sarah form, i originally wrote a loooooooong freaking blog post and then accidentally deleted the whole thing. realized what i did, tried to fix it for about 30 seconds, and then just shrugged and started over. this is very unsurprising to you if you’ve ever spent time with me. this is an updated version of the short post that includes some of the long post. ha.)  

this post is about me closing custom ordering for now.

if you have already placed an order, have an open order inquiry conversation going on with me, or are waiting for an invoice - your order is safe! it will still be happening! do not worry. but it is absolutely ridiculous that i am expecting the rest of you to figure out your cookie orders 6+ months in advance just to get on the lrb schedule. um, no.

here’s why: i’ve started to become a human doing. i kind of did this to myself, admittedly, as a(n accidental) result of my effort and determination over the past year. i’d rather be a human being, and everyone in my amazing, currently a little stressful life would also prefer me that way.

“it’s just a cookie!” is something i enjoy (joyfully) yelling. i have to remind myself of this a lot. like literally every day at least once. but here’s the thing…it’s not just a cookie when you’re playing with your (magical, quirky af, beautiful, 2-year-old) son but can’t stop thinking about work. it’s not just a cookie when your husband (bless his sweet, supportive heart times a bajillion) is chilling on the couch alone for the millionth weeknight in a row because you’ve got cookies to decorate. like there’s a hot dad who cracks you up just sitting 20 feet away from you and you’re all fixated on sprinkles. what?! it’s not just a cookie when you keep thinking you’re too busy to deal with the paperwork to renew your passport for a family trip coming up in july. to italy, you guys. or like, to go to the doctor. and finally, it’s not just a cookie when you keep thinking it would be cool to have another baby, but then you stop yourself and think, “i’ll never be able to have another baby. lrb is my second baby.” no, actually. actually, nope: your tiny, still-new, barely-making-a-profit business is very much not the equivalent of a miraculous freaking baby human soul, sarah, you horse’s ass.

anyway, that’s when it’s not just a cookie. at that point, i’m (passively, fine, but still) choosing work over humans, and that’s not what i want for my life. when i started lrb i promised myself (and my therapist) that i would keep it fun. i refused to nail down or even utter a formal endgame to my plan. because dreams evolve and people evolve and life happens. and because i’m a creative at heart, not an entrepreneur. or whatever.

“what happens when it stops being fun?” my therapist asked. “i’ll fix it so that it’s fun again,” i replied. there have been a few times over the past year of business when i made little tweaks – e.g., setting up an online scheduling system to avoid overbooking myself…also, shutting that system down because i would get nervous every time someone booked *face palm* — but recently i realized that there’s a lot of parts about lrb and being a cleveland maker and a woman maker and a human being that are super fun and that i haven’t prioritized lately. so — for now — i’m closing custom orders.

here is what i am choosing to focus on instead:

  • markets (like the cleveland flea, the give gifted marketplace, the ohio maker mart, etc.)

  • lrb 24/7 (basically cookies on-demand - or at least with 12 hours’ notice.)

  • holiday pre-orders (hopefully these are up and running by august. right in time for national catfish month. yes, that’s the weirdest holiday i found in august.)

  • classes, workshops, events

  • online content and support

  • connecting and collaborating with other businesses and badasses

i love customizing cookies for you and i’m so grateful that you include me (or at least my work) in your life! i mean it.

i think this new structure is what will get more LRB to more people and keep me human and (relatively) sane.

thanks for listening and supporting. xox


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